ODION Rebrand

Press Release:

Welcome to Odion, formerly known as Modern Missionary! Founded in 2012, we had quickly become a trusted name in the Utah missionary market. We specialized in selling high-performance clothing that combines style, functionality, and durability.

On October 2nd, we are excited to make our rebrand and expansion official. Our transition from Modern Missionary to Odion is driven by our commitment to offering more than just missionary products; we're bringing our values and expertise to a broader audience within the realm of menswear. As we step into this exciting new chapter as Odion, our main focus in rebranding is:

Expanding Our Reach:

We understand the importance clothing plays in some of life's most memorable years. Whether you're dressing for church, a school dance, going on a mission, getting married, or simply trying to dress your best, our clothing is designed to inspire you every step of the way.

Our shift to Odion signifies our intention to extend our mission to all facets of menswear. Beyond just catering to missionaries, we're embracing new categories like weddings, school dances, boys, young men, professionals and any other menswear need. This means we'll be able to positively influence more lives and occasions with our distinct touch.

Elevated Customer Service:

Our rebranding represents a renewed commitment to exceptional customer service. We want each customer's experience with Odion to be memorable and satisfying. By focusing on customer service, we ensure that our values resonate not just in our products, but in every interaction our customers have with us.

Inspiration and Empowerment:

Our mission is to empower our customers to open doors to opportunity while looking and feeling their best. We believe that when you look good and you feel good, you gain the confidence you need to open those doors.

Community Focus:

Odion reflects our deepened dedication to serving the community. Through our menswear offerings, we'll continue to play an active role in uplifting and supporting those around us. This rebrand allows us to amplify our positive impact on a wider scale.


Odion was deliberately chosen without a specific meaning to allow for adaptable alignment with customer preferences, freeing us from the confines of a defined word and enabling us to better cater to evolving needs and expectations. Our rebrand is focused less on the name and more on expanding our horizons and reach.


Odion Management Team